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We are a 5 piece rhythm and blues outfit, based in and around the Potteries which is made up of six distinct towns: Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton - collectively known as "THE POTTERIES".

Cry Baby and The Hoochie Coochie Boys were formed in 2008 and started gigging in their stompin’ ground around ‘The Potteries’ Stoke-On-Trent in May 2009….and in 2017 we released our our second album “I Got News”. We play festivals, pub/club gigs local and far and wide, and occasional private parties, we really do love what we do, you will see that at any of our performances!  

So why ‘Cry Baby and The Hoochie Coochie Boys?', starting with The Hoochie Coochie Boys, the band has been heavily influenced by the Chicago Blues sound, as well as a British influence from Nine Below Zero & Dr. Feelgood, and Hoochie Coochie Boys is a nod to the great Muddy Waters. Rob Wilkinson underpins the band with fine harmonica playing and a wailing tone, hence the Cry Baby. Band members  Rob Wilkinson (Harmonica & Vocals), Vince Cutcliffe (Guitar and Vocals), Paddy O'Rourke (Drums and Vocals), Mark Hargreaves (Keyboards and Vocals), Chris Bevington (Bass) are all from (or live in) the potteries area, we all bring our influences into the band and you will hear that any time your see us live or listen to our albums.

The band feeds off live gigs and whilst we’ve all been around the block a few times, we ensure that we deliver a highly energized performance by limiting gigs to one or two a month, in that way we hit the stage bursting. One venue has described us as a ‘Dance Floor Rhythm and Blues Band’ yeh that pretty much say’s it all.

Some background…………

On the drive home from yet another cracking Nine Below Zero gig, Rob and Graham Sells (Mr.G) were inspired to put together a band that could combine the 50’s Chicago R&B sound with high energy British Blues. During the summer of 2008 the dust settled and The Hoochie Coochie Boys line-up was completed. Rob Wilkinson (Harmonica & Vocals), Graham Sells. (Vocals & Guitar), Vince Cutcliffe (Lead Guitar), Trevor Pinson (Bass), Johnny ‘Fingers’ Davies (Keyboards), Andy Carr (Drums).

Over the years the band, as most bands do, has changed line-up; several keyboard changes over the years with the position ably filled by "The Reverend" Mark Hargreaves. In 2013 Graham moved to Brazil and the band reduced to a 5-piece outfit. Shortly afterwards Trevor called time on his 6 years with the band, his position was filled by local bass legend Chris  Bevington. During 2016 Andy Carr, a founder member of the band called it a day, and local lad Paddy O'Rourke very ably filled the drummers seat. 

The band recorded their first EP ‘Salt Glazed Blues – EP’ at Tremolo Studios in Stoke-On-Trent, mainly to help promote the band and encourage pubs and clubs to book gigs. The EP includes two original numbers written by Graham Sells; ‘Don’t Lie To Me Baby’, a riff driven blues rocker, highlighting the harp and organ, followed by a slow burner, ‘Ain’t Nothing But The Blues’, which plays homage to the likes of BB King, Howlin’ Wolf. Elmore James and again Muddy Waters. This was followed in November 2011 by the band’s first album Sweet Thing, this includes self penned numbers Burlesque Dancer (Sells and Wilkinson) and Zydeco Boogie, still a firm favourite, Holding On and the title track Sweet Thing all written by Mr G, Graham Sells. These album tracks alongside popular gig numbers such as Elmore James’ classic Wild About You Baby, and J B Lenoir’s One More Shot. 

Our second Album “I got News” was released on 3rd July 2016 to critical acclaim. We were no3 in the IBBA Blues Charts. Many thanks to all those radio station DJ's and you the listener for being there!.  The album has contributions from band members “Come Fly With Me (Rob), Blues for You (Mark) and Epilogue which is a band composition. The remainder of the album a contrasting range of material from Nine Below Zero’s Soft Touch, to the almost lullaby or choral tendency that the band breathe into Alabama 3’s Too Sick to Pray, an album full of contrast!  

Band interests.......

Playing The Blues - no more to say...................

Artists we also like Nine Below Zero, Sean Costello, The Aces, Ian Siegal, John Nemeth, Delbert Mclinton.


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